We so often want to feel and look differently. We want to have more money, more fun, a better job, a different career, a better partner…BUT what have you done differently to get a different outcome?

“Tiffany I started eating better this week;” “I signed up for your ProjectME mentorship;” “I started saving money two months ago.” I hear these painful statements all week long. Taking new action and changing your ways is exactly what must happen to get a different result. However, so is long-term consistency.

Just because you ate healthy all week or even all month, won’t reverse diabetes or even change your dress size. Nor will saying money for a few months get you out of debt. These changes in behavior and habits need to be long-term, lifetime changes, to reap the results.

There are a lot of “get results fast” ? marketing campaigns out there, targeting the millions of people who want to undo years of self-limiting behaviors/habits in 30 days. THEY DON’T WORK. They just make people who sell it, a shit-ton of money, while leaving you defeated.

If you want massive results, then massive change is required. You can build up to that, versus shocking your system and your life. I would rather see you taking small steps every day towards new self-empowering behavior; this has a much higher chance of you sticking with it and reaching your goals.

Patience my loves. Transformation takes time + consistency. It’s totally worth it!