Secretly many of us want to rescued from our discomfort. We want to meet that perfect person who will “make us happy.” We want to find that perfect job paying a certain amount of money and then “we will be happy.”

It took me a loooong time and many boyfriends, a couple engagements, and working for many different companies to finally get that chasing something outside my self for happiness, doesn’t work. And boy was I pissed. NOW WHAT?!

After I stopped being mad and depressed that no person, place or thing was going to “make me happy” the real inner work began.

Now I can proudly say, I have rescued my self from my self. This is why I’m giving back by creating ProjectME. I want to guide you into creating your Most Exceptional life. I may not have all the answers but I sure as hell know the way and how to teach you with ease, grace, and heaping spoonful of humor. ??