Up Your Social Media Poppin’


Let me guess, you’re tired of attracting tirekickers hanging out on your social media. These people seem interested in your content but never buy from you. You see them looking at your stuff, but they never convert to paying customers. This can lead you into a “scroll hole” where you torture yourself by comparing your engagement with others in your industry or niche.

You notice they have great engagement and assume they must also have great sales. This makes you feel far behind as if none of your efforts are working and people aren’t into your content. You start questioning whether you should quit and if your efforts will ever pay off. This mindset lowers your energy, stifles your creativity, and breeds resentment towards your business, community, and even the algorithms, all because of unrealistic expectations. Often, these expectations aren’t based on hard facts but on assumptions. This sets you up for future disappointment because you think your results should match others’. I’m here to share the actual stats and facts so you can understand what’s realistic.

I’ll also outline four strategies that will get more qualified eyes on your content—people eager and excited to buy from you—if you follow my proven methodology and emotional-based sales techniques. Let’s go. It’s happening. We’re going to have a Rish Bish summer!

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Are you tired of attracting tire-kickers on social media? In this episode, I uncover four unique strategies to boost your business’s visibility and attract potential buyers. Discover innovative techniques to leverage your time, optimize your content for peak engagement, build genuine connections with your audience, and create compelling videos that convert. This episode is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners eager to elevate their social media presence while making money online around the clock. Tune in and transform your social media strategy to attract serious buyers immediately.



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