You must disrupt your industry to achieve success

The fastest way to grow in business is to disrupt your industry instead of copying successful brands. Although copying someone who already has success may seem like a shortcut, it can actually hinder your success as it undermines your own unique experience. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but you should demonstrate your unique approach. Although other people’s success journeys can’t be copied, they can serve as a foundation for your own success.

Sideways think your way to success

The fastest way to grow any business is to be an industry disrupter instead of a copier. 

To our logical mind doing what other successful brands and entrepreneurs are doing sounds like a shortcut. Like the saying “don’t reinvent the wheel” 

That saying is often taken too literally and doesn’t allow for fresh innovative ideas or products. 

How ProjectMe with Tiffany Carter found success

One of the main reasons why ProjectME with Tiffany Carter grew into the millions in just over 2 years is because I DARED TO BE DIFFERENT and showcase it. 

Now many people try to copy what I started…you don’t want to do this, I want you to be the original, not a knockoff. 

If everyone in your industry is showing before & after photos 24/7 then I want you to do something different ex. Share the story behind the transformation 

If the most successful coaches in your industry are talking about energy and manifesting, then I want you to use different words and terms to discuss these topics. 

If you’re a permanent makeup artist, Zone in on a specific style, skin type, or technique that isn’t being talked about as much. 

Let the basic people zig while you zag. 

Sharing how I helped 3 biz owners increase their rev by 800% with this strategy.

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