What would it feel like to attract Clients that are excited to pay you?

Rather than attracting people who are excited to join your program, keep attracting people who are full of excuses. Your marketing strategy and messaging have a hole, and most often that’s because you don’t even have a strategy in place. Winging it while posting and hoping isn’t a profitable marketing plan.

You may be wondering why more people aren’t buying your group coaching program despite knowing people are getting amazing results. Despite your desire to have high-five and six-figure launches so you can travel, write books, or live your dream life, only a few people are signing up. This can be frustrating for an entrepreneur. 

It’s time to look deeper!

The problem wasn’t your program, your credibility, or even your likeability, it was how you presented it. Both the messaging and the branding were repelling your clients instead of attracting them. It’s time to get the results you desire.

Attract Your Clients

If you keep attracting people who are filled with excuses instead of excited to sign up for your offers, there is a hole in your messaging and marketing strategy. 

Most often, it’s because you don’t really have one in place.

Winging it while posting and hoping isn’t a profitable marketing plan. 

A client came completely at a loss why more people aren’t buying her group coaching program since it’s “amazing and people have gotten great results.” 

Her desire is to scale her group programs to have high 5 and 6-figure launches several times a year, but obviously, she can’t do that with only 6-10 people signing up. 

The problem wasn’t her program, her credibility, or even likability…it was how she was presenting her program > both the messaging and the branding were repelling people instead of attracting them. 

Which one would attract you?


Which sounds better to you? 

Bangin’ Body Bootcamp 

Feel Confident in your Body in 12 Weeks and lose weight 


Bangin’ Body by Springtime 

A Specialty Program designed to build lean muscle and lose fat in 12 weeks, without extreme dieting or exercise. 

Here’s another one in a different industry:

Mindset Makeover 

A course that teaches you how to manage the negative thoughts in your mind 


Mindset Makeover 

Set your mind up to be a magnetic match for next level abundance, focus, and incredible relationships. A self-paced course designed for busy professionals to binge in a weekend. 

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