Build a Successful Personal Brand

A personal brand is how a person presents themselves to the world and how others perceive them. Knowing your strengths, values, and passions is the key to building a strong personal brand. Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values, and passions is the first step. Who are you and what makes you unique?

How to Build a Personal Brand?

 “Where do I even start?”

This is the number one question that prevents people from building their dream businesses. It’s a dead-end question that I professed hundreds of times over a 10-year period. 

You obviously don’t know where to start or you would have started. 

The emotion behind this question is, what you want feels so far away from where you’re currently at, and to go from point A to point Z feels mind-blowingly overwhelming. 

When we get into that stress response, we either freeze in analysis paralysis or procrastinate in order to get an instant sense of relief. After you’ve done that merry-go-round dozens of times, you are sick and ready to get off that damn ride. 

But the problem remains…what do I do first to build this business? What should I focus on? How am I going to make money to pay my bills? Where are the clients going to come from?

Creating your Brand

The first thing is to determine what you would love to get paid to do, no matter how crazy it sounds. Ie. “ I want to get paid to travel.”

Second thing is to brainstorm all the ways you could get paid to travel. Ie. Become a concierge travel planner, start a travel vlog YouTube Channel, and create video travel guides for each country you visit that comes complete with an itinerary, must-see sites, restaurants, tips, etc…

Third thing is to determine whom you would love to have as your customers, and who would find your offers incredibly helpful and valuable. Ie. Busy rich entrepreneurs, solo female travelers

And if you‘ve been stuck long enough, then your next move is to join one of my programs to get you clear. 

It’s easier than ever before in history to build a business, but you are making it hard by trying to go about it alone. I can say this with complete conviction because I did the same thing. 

Time to make some moves if you really want what you say you want. 

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