Could childhood trauma be the root of your money troubles?

Childhood dysfunction can profoundly shape our adult relationship with money. Growing up in an environment of financial instability or witnessing parental money struggles can instill anxiety and fear about financial security. This can manifest in behaviors such as avoiding money or impulsively spending it. Many, including myself, have faced moments where saving felt impossible, causing insecurity. Having coached over 150,000 individuals worldwide, I’ve uncovered a strong link between childhood experiences and adult financial behavior, often operating subconsciously. In this blog, I’ll reveal six signs that childhood dysfunction might underlie your financial struggles.

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Six signs of your childhood’s dysfunctional environment and interpreted messages can be showing up as money-limiting behaviors in your present life. Some of these you may be aware of within yourself, but don’t know how to stop them. Some of these are subconscious and today may be the first time you are putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 


The first three we are covering in this two-part mini-series:


  1. Settling for mediocre 
  2. Over-functioning to exhaustion
  3. Constantly worried about what “they” will think.



The first step to rewriting your money story is awareness without self-judgment. Getting into a shame spiral around this stuff will only further repel the abundance you desire and deserve.


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