Are you really failing?

It’s no surprise that today’s topic ranks as one of the most requested for this year’s episodes, and I’m genuinely grateful for your engagement, whether it’s through Instagram, TikTok, or your emails. Your feedback guides the show’s direction, and I enjoy delivering content that resonates with you. Today, we’re diving into a subject that hits home for many: what to do when it feels like you’re failing, when everything seems to crumble around you, and you’re left feeling utterly alone.

I’ve treaded those dark waters numerous times, and I understand that sinking sensation too well. But here’s the truth: in the pursuit of growth, in the throes of building a business, or chasing new horizons, this feeling is almost inevitable. It’s a pivotal moment that often precedes significant breakthroughs, a turbulent precursor to the influx of abundance.

Through my experiences coaching over 150,000 individuals worldwide, I’ve recognized that this sense of collapse is often a herald of imminent transformation. So, buckle up as we explore five perspectives to consider when it seems like the world is crumbling around you.

And remember, amidst the chaos, you’re closer to your breakthrough than you may realize.

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Feeling like you’re failing? You’re not alone. In this heartfelt episode I dive deep into the emotional rollercoaster of setbacks. Hear personal stories and powerful strategies to help you shift your mindset, embrace resilience, and turn failure into a springboard for success.


Learn how to navigate tough times with grace, find hope in the darkest moments, and discover the strength within you to keep pushing forward. This episode is a comforting hug and a motivational boost wrapped into one—don’t miss it.


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