What is the Manifestation Normalization Technique?

What if does get to be this easy? What if it does get to be this simple where you set your mind to truly wanting and desiring something and believing that it is without a doubt possible for you and that you’re taking actions and steps towards it in a way that feels fun to you, in a way that feels nourishing, in a way that feels exciting, and you do the best that you can do on any given day, and that’s more than enough, and that’s all you need to do.

And we’ve been overcomplicating it and making it so much harder than necessary all along.

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When filled with doubt, do these steps to maintain belief: 

  1. **Visualize Success:** Create a vivid mental image of your desired outcome. Immerse yourself in the details and emotions of achieving your goal. Visualization can help override doubt and reinforce your belief.
  2. **Break It Down:** Divide your goal into smaller, manageable steps. Achieving small victories along the way can boost your confidence and reinforce your belief in the larger goal
  3. **Seek Support:** Surround yourself with a supportive community, mentors, or friends who believe in your potential. Their encouragement can counteract moments of doubt.
  4. **Reflect on Past Success:** Recall instances where you’ve overcome challenges or achieved goals against the odds. Reminding yourself of your past triumphs can bolster your belief in your current endeavor.
  5. **Positive Self-Talk:** Create and repeat phrases that reinforce your belief in the possibility of success. Affirmations can help rewire negative thought patterns and replace them with empowering beliefs.
  6. **Stay Persistent:** Doubt is a natural part of any journey. Embrace it as a challenge rather than a roadblock. Consistent effort and persistence can gradually erode doubt and strengthen your beliefs.


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