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In the grand game of life, are you playing offense or defense? Are you merely letting the tides of fate carry you along, or do you seize the reins and carve your own path and will not let you life the rich life you desire? Today, I’m serving up straight talk, continuing with part two of my golden 11 money rules honed over two decades. These rules are the distilled essence of achieving life-changing wealth without sacrificing your happiness or well-being.

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Dive into PART 2 of “My Golden 11 Money Rules That Will Make You Rich” series where I break down my essential rules for building wealth. This episode covers everything you need to shift your mindset into a space so you can attract true financial freedom. Get ready for straightforward, actionable advice that will transform your approach to money, so you can Make More and Work Less.  

Some of the main money rules that will make you rich for part 2:

  1. “Poop Festing” Manifestation: Utilizing the time in the bathroom or other routine activities to manifest abundance by releasing what no longer serves you.

  2. Micro Manifestations: To cultivate abundance consistently, incorporate small manifestation practices throughout the day rather than relying solely on large routines.

  3. Perfectionism vs. Action: Emphasizing the importance of taking imperfect action over waiting for perfection. Perfectionism can hinder progress and cost more than mistakes.

  4. Experimentation: Encouraging experimentation and embracing imperfection as a means of progress and growth rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before taking action.

  5. Selective Sharing: Avoid sharing dreams, goals, and ideas with others, as not everyone may be supportive or understanding. Too much sharing without action can lead to stagnation.

  6. Detaching from Toxic Relationships: Recognizing and detaching from relationships, even if it’s difficult, to avoid being held back or dragged down by others’ negativity or lack of support.


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