Here’s the secret to creating simple content that sells

I don’t care how long you have been in business you can fall into the trap in the scroll.  This leaves you feeling like you aren’t doing enough or doing the wrong thing. Where do you even start? You’re feeling behind. Trust me, you’re not alone.

Today, Samantha Parker and I, are spilling the tea on how to create a simple content plan that can set you up to make millions. Content gets to be fun, easy, and make you big money online. 

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 Make Bank with a Small Audience 

There’s a new highly profitable way to share your offers and market your business, and the entrepreneurs who are embracing this are cashing in, and the people who are resisting this change are losing THOUSANDS of dollars a day.

Before your brain starts telling you, “Oh but I have such a small audience,” “I’m not someone who is going to shake my bootie on social media,” or “I’m boring and I don’t want to be on my phone all the time!” HEAR ME OUT ON THIS. 

You showing up in your content as 100% you on any given day, the messy, the cute, the crabby, the tired, the joyful, the stressed, and all of the hundreds of emotional states in between > IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON. 

In fact, your showing up too polished, too put together, to surface, and too professional is what is killing your audience growth and sales. 

People want to deeply connect with the person they hire or the brand they are buying from, it’s nearly impossible to do that IF you aren’t showing all sides of yourself. 

Your brain tells you that it isn’t professional to show up that way in my industry and that people won’t buy from you if they really knew how much of a mess you really are behind the scenes. And I’m here today telling you with concrete proof, THAT THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. 

If you don’t build trust quickly with strangers it could take YEARS before they feel safe enough to give you their time, energy, and money. The secret is to have your ideal client feel you are that new friend who they feel like they’ve known for years. The only way to do this with integrity is to show up in your content with your walls down and that social costume off. 

For the first time ever my Brand Director, Samantha Parker, and I are pulling back the curtain on our Millionaire Content Marketing Formula. Between the two of us, we have 24 years of experience in doing digital marketing for thousands of business owners and brands of all sizes and industries. This proprietary formula we’ve developed works for any business in any industry. 

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