Money, Success, and Social Media

We spent three unforgettable hours in the bathtub of a five-star hotel, soaking in luxury until our skin pruned, dehydrated from a skinny margarita and too much Diet Coke. I admit an epic technical difficulty, entirely my fault, almost had me peeing in the tub.

Welcome to this unique, fun, two-part series where we dive into life, the online business space, manifestation, and money. Join me and my best friend, Regina Lawrence, the founder of Breathe Breathwork, known for her incredible workshops, retreats, and masterminds.

Regina’s remarkable work as a healer helps people from the jungles of Mexico to the mountains of Zion expel trauma and unlock true success. Her methods enable individuals to reclaim their bodies, shedding deep-seated demons and toxic energy. This profound freedom and lightness in life, combined with financial abundance, epitomize what it means to live a truly rich and successful life.

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Join two wild, spiritually-focused entrepreneurs in an “Abundance Bath,” where they discuss unspoken secrets of business, money, relationships, manifesting, and trauma…basically no topic is off limits. Discover the secrets that no one talks about, and learn how to harness abundance in every aspect of your life. This episode is packed with raw, unfiltered wisdom that will transform your approach to business and beyond. This two-part episode promises to enlighten, delight, and entertain you. 


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