Pricing Your Offer

Pricing your offer can be overwhelming. No matter what the product or service is, price tags can stop us in our tracks from sharing our offers with the world. Are people going to buy? Is it too expensive or too cheap? But if the right person wants it bad enough, they will find a way to get it. This is why you should position your product or service to demonstrate how it will benefit the buyer. 

You need to make sure that the price you set pays you for your time and provides value to the buyer. It is important for both parties to be happy with their ROI (Return on Investment). Make sure you stand out in the market for your ideal client. When pricing your program think about what level of resource you are providing.

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LAST CHANCE!!! >>> Free Live Training Series: 3 Days to Make Bank Online in your business SIGN UP HERE

The price isn’t the issue…

Contrary to what you’re thinking about your offers that no one seems to be interested in…your price isn’t the issue >>> even if you keep hearing “I can’t afford it.” 

Answer this question for me… IF you knew without a doubt that the program, course, event, etc… you were considering purchasing would get you results and a solid ROI, wouldn’t you find any way possible to get the money to pay for it? 

In fact, it would be CRAZY of you not to. 

When we want something badly enough and we have a knowing this thing, person, service, or event will improve our lives…we find a way to buy it. 

When I was only making 17k a year, I found a way to get new phones, fresh nails, weekly takeout, and drinks at the club every weekend.

None of these things gave me a significant ROI…they enhanced my quality of life and enjoyment of it.

When I had the opportunity to become a better journalist, this program back then was $3800, I didn’t have that in my bank account…But I knew this investment would pay off. I mean how couldn’t it, when I would be improving my skill set? 

So I asked my mom for some help (if you know my story this isn’t an easy thing to do), and got a credit card for the rest. 

What I learned and implemented in this program, elevated me to a new level. The local CBS Morning Show took notice and paid me almost double my current salary to come to join their morning TV news team as a lead anchor. 

My point is…if they aren’t buying you’re either targeting the wrong people and/or you aren’t clearly conveying the ROI benefit of investing their money with you. 

I’m sharing more detailed examples in this episode, and how to apply them to your own business immediately. 

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