When to hire people


Listen up. If you’re serious about making real money in your business and transforming lives along the way, it’s time to stop cutting corners and start treating your business like the powerhouse it’s meant to be.

You can’t just scrape by, cobbling things together and looking for shortcuts – that’s a surefire way to attract less-than-ideal results. It’s not just about being stingy with your finances; it’s about your mindset, your approach to building, and your overall strategy. Today, I’ve got someone special for you – Jackie Serviss, a corporate veteran turned founder of the Serve Recruitment Agency, is here to drop some knowledge bombs on why hiring the right people is absolutely crucial at any stage of your business journey.

From her years at PepsiCo to running her own executive recruitment agency, Jackie knows what it takes to build a winning team and scale your business to new heights. Join us as we dive into the secrets of success and get ready to level up your business game.

Diving deep into the critical role of strategically hiring people to drive business growth. Join us as we explore how hiring the right individuals can propel your business to making big levels of cash with you doing less of the work.

Whether you’re a seasoned business leader or a solopreneur, this episode offers invaluable guidance on hiring the right people to reach your goals. My guest today Jackie Serviss, is spilling all the secrets of how successful business owners cash-in on hiring.


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