Your childhood messaging is affecting your success!


Your childhood messaging could have a profound impact on your career, finances, and overall success, whether you realize it or not. It’s not just about trauma; it’s about relationships, messages, and the environment you grew up in. Children absorb these influences like sponges, and they shape your beliefs and actions as an adult, affecting self-esteem, risk-taking, and more.

I’ve invited Paul Gilmartin, the host of a top mental health podcast (The Mental Health Happy Hour) and a former TV personality and comedian, to discuss how our childhood experiences have influenced our lives. Prepare to be amazed in this journey to “shooketh land.”

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Childhood trauma can erode self-esteem, making it difficult to believe in one’s abilities. This lack of confidence can hinder career growth, preventing individuals from pursuing opportunities or promotions.


Trust issues stemming from childhood trauma can make it hard to form healthy professional relationships. Networking, collaboration, and teamwork may suffer, impacting career prospects that often depend on strong interpersonal connections.


Trauma can lead to emotional dysregulation, causing difficulties in handling stress and pressure at work. This can affect decision-making, problem-solving, and overall performance, hindering success in a competitive work environment.


Childhood trauma may contribute to mental health issues like anxiety or depression, making it challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Constant emotional turmoil can affect productivity and focus at work, impacting overall career success and job stability.


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Hosted TBS’ Dinner and a Movie 1995-2011

Former standup comedian  (Comedy Central Presents: Paul Gilmartin)


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