Instead, replace “I’m sorry” with “whoops” or “pardon me” or “excuse me” or be specific “my apologies for being late.” Versus “I’m sorry for being late (insert BS excuse).” NOOOOO “my bad” is even worse than “I’m sorry” so don’t use that one either!

Now when (not if) you actually do something that warrants an “I’m sorry,” make a short, sweet and genuine amends. You don’t need to keep repeating “I’m sorry” to the person a dozen times. When we go down that road it changes from an empowered apology, to a low self-worth I’m a bad girl or boy apology.

We reinforce low self-worth with multiple behaviors we are unaware of or even aware of all day long. This keeps us stuck. So catch yourself and pause before you blurt out that “I’m sorry.”