Rules for a Rich Life


We’ve got to give you a recheck, a reboot. We’ve got to be making these money moves in May. And reminding you, why can’t it be you? Why can’t you be the lucky one? Why can’t this be the week that everything clicked? Why can’t this be the month that the thing happened? Why can’t it be that all your work, effort, and manifesting come to fruition now, faster than ever? Things that worked out better than you could have even imagined. Why can’t that be you? Because you see, it can be other people. In fact, there are other times in your life where it has been you, maybe in just other areas of your life. So why can’t it be different? Why can’t something change immediately? Don’t forget that what is meant for you can’t miss you. It’s simply impossible. Your job is to get out of the damn way.

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Dive into PART 4, the final episode in my popular podcast series, “My Golden 11 Money Rules That Will Make You Rich,” where I break down my essential rules for building wealth. These rules come from everything I’ve done right and wrong over a twenty-year journey from making 17K/year to being the mutli-millionaire I am today. 

This covers everything you need to shift your mindset into a space so you can attract true financial freedom. Get ready for straightforward, actionable advice that will transform your approach to money, so you can Make More and Work Less.  

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